There are several programs, which are in the medical settings aimed at the care and the restoration of the human life, if possible giving them a 90% of good health possession and likewise, in other to help achieve this aims, there are programs set in place to ensure the physical, psychological and spiritual health of everyone are kept in good fit.


One of such programs is the drug rehabilitation center and this program refers to the method of psychological treatment and rehab therapy of a person who has an addiction to psychoactive substances. Which may include illegal drugs like cocaine, Indian hemp, marijuana, heroin, barbiturates and others. Also, these substances may include prescription drugs and even alcohol is among the list.


Thus, we can deduce that the drug rehab home was created for the restoration of the physical, psychological and social health of people, who have addictions to the aforementioned drugs and if care Is not taken to assist them to get over these deliberate addictions; the effects of these drugs could ruin them in in a negative way, it may lead them to steal to purchase the drugs or it may cause them to molest and rape, and for some others it may lead them to depression and consequent suicide.


The rehab centers, assists in educating the addicted on getting treatment from their various addiction and also, it helps educate them on how to shun a life of drugs, and how to live without engaging in drugs in their various environments. And also, the rehab drug center adds a great value to the community by educating the public on how to live free of drugs, and how to prevent addiction in the society as a whole.


Also, the rehab drug program is aimed towards helping and instructing their patients, change their old ways by doing a self-examination of themselves and transforming themselves into better examples. So, as to benefit themselves and their various communities. Also, as a measure to complete their patient's restoration process, they advise them to abstain from legal drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine and other legal stimulants.




There are assorted types of therapy methods, in which drug rehab process could be performed and the procedures include; the use of extended care givers, the engagement of residential therapy procedure, assistance with mental/psycho health restoration, clinic care, engagement of local group support, use of recovery house and the engagement of orthomolecular curatives, this method is most common for Alcohol Treatment Rehab-Finder system, for those addicted to alcohol.


To achieve this process, the drug rehab center deal with the behavior of their patients and the different types of therapies used to achieve this could be; either through the cognitive behavioral therapy, which involve making the patient understand and endure with situations which could lead them to their former attitudes or by using the motivational interview or even through the use of the multi-dimensional family therapy, and finally, they could use the motivational interview for accessing the patient behavior and assisting them stop their old behaviors.